The Silver Age

A past age of prosperity among several civilized nations within Travelar. The Silver Age represented the rise of human dominion across Travelar, with the megalopolis Tyren serving as the seat of power. The Age began when Vendas Redbane, the Paladin-King of Tyren and divine Exarch of Lord Bahamut , smote the Ancient Red that laired upon the mountaintop of Tyren’s Crag. With the surrounding Kingdoms free of the ancient dragon’s coercion, the paladin king ushered in an age of prosperity for the race of humans. Tyren was founded upon the bones of the Ancient Red whom Vendas slew and the city birthed a robust industry of iron smithy. Trade was conducted on the great Riverest, whose origin was Tyren’s Deep Poole harbor.

The explosion of human dominion & industry contributed to the prosperity of all races in Travelar. The Sovereign Ring – a burgeoning union consisted of the leaders of men, dwarves, dragonborn, elves, and eladrin – created a web of great, magical portals that linked the various kingdoms in a central location in Tyren’s bustling Halycon Bazaar. Towards the end of the Silver Age, the Sovereign Ring led a campaign of destruction against the reviled Chromatic Dragons that haunted the edges of Society. Seedy lowlifes, vagrants, malagant cultists, and agents of skulduggery were actively persecuted during this age, and civilization grew confident as the forces of evil were forced into the unsettled wilderness and deep caverns of the Underdark.

The Silver Age ended with the awakening of the Obelisks in the Darkened Age. Drove mad with a mysterious contagion, the hulking primordials awoke from their earthly sleep and rampaged across the lands of Travelar, bringing with them mass destruction and massacre. Most major civilized cities were destroyed as they were host to gargantuan clashes of the deranged Obelisks, whom seemed to be hunting each other in a chaotic frenzy.

Once the Obelisks had destroyed most of their own kind, they retreated to unspoiled lands to hunt those that they could not find, leaving the kingdoms of Travelar in ruin, and a calamitous end to the brilliant Silver Age.

The Silver Age

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