The Darkened Age

Travelar was at once a land consisted of a thriving set of Kingdoms: Tyren – the great human city-state of an honorable Paladin-King, Delvingdeep – A vast subterranean dwarven hall of uncountable riches beneath the city of Tyren, Firestrom – the Mountainous realm of the Giants & Avarice people, Shimmerdeep – the mystical fey realm of the Eladrin, and The Spiritsong Forest – an ancient wild forest home to the Elves. In each of these domains, only one power struck fear into the hearts of the Travelarians: The Ancient Race of Dragons. Magical beasts that have eyed the passing of Ages, Dragons were utmost cruel and calculating – considering themselves grand creations and far above the rabble of the Travelarian Kingdoms in their midst. Pacts of peace between the kingdoms and the Dragons were tenuous at best – strained by the baleful nature of the Dragons themselves and the religious zeal of cultists that worshiped them.

This was the Silver Age of Travelar – an age that came to an abrupt end.

Colossal elemental dreadnoughts known as Obelisks of Power – rumored to have a primordial link to the world and had seen the Age of Creation – arose from their slumber across the realms of Travelar, and laid waste to all the land in a seemingly mindless path of destruction. The Obelisks hunted the ancient dragons and also each other – never resting until they were utterly destroyed. By the time their battle was over, the world lay in waste. All Kingdoms went dark, and survivors scurried from their ruined cities into the wilderness.

More than a thousand years have passed. The many ruins of past empires cast an ominous shadow on what is left in the Obelisks’ wake. Small Kingdoms and baronies – Points of Light in an otherwise dark and dangerous world – contend for what power has been left to races of Travelar – some petty, some cruel, most of them isolated from each other by the encroaching darkness of the wilds that choke the land. In the dark wilds, vile monsters, frontiersmen, explorers, and adventurers explore the old world and uncover secrets of the Silver Age. The terrible Dragons of the last age are now fewer and scattered, but no less dangerous. Many have taken lairs in the ruins of the old world, while some have taken to living within Travelarian societies in magical disguise – constantly scheming and vying for power. The Obelisks of Power also still roam the land as well…hunting others of their kind and creating total entropy in their wake – their motives unknown.

It is an age of dim hope, danger, adventure, and mysteries of times past – an age where heroes are revered among the many and counted among the few. This is the Darkened Age of Travelar…

The Darkened Age

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