The Creation Age

The Creation Age chronicles the birth of the world of Travelar and the creation of the Obelisks – immortal beings of pure elemental energy that could not escape to the Plane of Elemental Chaos when the world was tempered, and became bound to the earth of the Material World. The only account of the Creation of Travelar comes from the Sage Raulin the Cursed – advisor to Vendas Redbane and Archmage of Tyren’s Sanctus Magica:

The primordials formed the world from the raw materials of the Elemental Chaos. Looking down on this work from the Astral Sea, the gods were fascinated with the world. Creatures of thought and ideal, the gods saw endless room for improvement in the primordials’ work, and their imaginings took form and substance from the abundance of creation-stuff still drifting in the cosmos. Life spread across the face of the world, the churning elements resolved into oceans and landmasses, diffuse light became a sun and moon and stars. The gods drew astral essence and mixed it with the tiniest bits of creation-stuff to create mortals to populate the world and worship them. Elves, dwarves, humans, and others appeared in this period of spontaneous creation. Resentful of the gods’ meddling in their work, the primordials began a war that shook the universe, but the gods emerged victorious and the world remains as they have shaped it. As the world took shape, the primordials found some pieces too vivid and bright, and hurled them away. They found other pieces too murky and dark, and flung them away as well. These discarded bits of creation clustered and merged, and formed together in echoes of the shaping of the world. As the gods joined in the act of creation, more ripples spread out into the Feywild and the Shadowfell, bringing creatures to life there as echoes of the world’s mortals. Thus the world was born with two siblings: the bright Feywild and the dark Shadowfell. The Shadowfell is a dark echo of the world. It touches the world in places of deep shadow, sometimes spilling out into the world, and other times drawing hapless travelers into its dark embrace. It is not wholly evil, but everything in the Shadowfell has its dark and sinister side. When mortal creatures die, their spirits travel first to the Shadowfell before moving on to their final fate. The Feywild is an enchanted reflection of the world. Arcane energy flows through it like streams of crystal water. Its beauty and majesty is unparalleled in the world, and every creature of the wild is imbued with a measure of fantastic power.

It has been thought by scholars and mages that the Obelisks of power are actually powerful Primordials) that have been forsaken from the Elemental Chaos) . In the Creation Age, the primitive and barbaric races of the world worshiped the Obelisks as Gods of bounty and punishment, as indicated in the earliest known records of Travelarian history. These nomads and tribes settled lands near the end of the age of creation and formed the first kingdoms of elves, dwarves, humans, halflings, and gnomes.

It is also during this age that the eladrin – themselves already a civilized race – arrived in Travelar from the realm of the Feywild and taught the more primitive races how to build their cities.

Tieflings, a fell race of vagabonds, were feared and discriminated by the other races. The first Tiefling kingdom was founded in the cavernous underdark – the only place the weary tieflings could build their nation unmolested.

When the world was tempered, another race also saw their creation in the image of Io, the father of all Dragons. The Dragonborn were fearsome and proud, but also possessed the guile and subtlety that the tielfings lacked. Dragonborn were welcomed among the races of Travelar for their bravery in defending the people against the wrath of Chromatic Dragons and fell monsters that lurked in the shadows of the new world.

In the end of the Creation Age, the races of good were much maligned – mysticism, baseless cultism, and fear of the unknown stymied the progress of the dominion of civilization. Vile Dragons ruled the wildlands and demanded concessions of gold or sacrifice from those small communities that skirted their lairs. Of all chromatics, one dragon was reviled most of all. An Ancient Red Wyrm laired upon the summit of Tyren’s Crag ruled all lands for many miles around. Known for its voracious greed and calamitous cruel streaks, the domain of man suffered great atrocities under the tyrannical rule of the ancient red, who saw humans simply as a renewable resource.

The Age of Creation came to an end when a young paladin named Vendas of Tyr received a divine gias from Bahamut – the God-Dragon of Justice: Slay the beast atop the crag, and build your kingdom in honor of the good and just! Vendas was gifted with divine powers from the Son of Io and ascended to become the avatar of Bahamut – an Exarch of pure divine brilliance.

With his holy avenger, Vendas smote the Ancient Red upon the mountaintop, and casted its cavernous head into the deep poole far below. Vendas, now monikered Redbane by his trusted companion and mage Raulin, founded the human city of Tyren on the very spot were the Red’s carcass laid. This denotes the end of an age of fear and uncertainty for the people of Travelar, and the rise of men in the coming Silver Age.

The Creation Age

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