Firestrom Mountains

Also known as the great stonespine, the Firestrom mountain range forms the natural northern border for the city-state of Tyren and the rolling moors of the Unending Run. Consisted of gargantuan snowcapped peaks, perilous crags and spiraling natural towers of stone – the Firestrom has been a largely untamed frontier even among the tenacious dwarves that dwelt in halls deep within the mountains.

Since the Darkened Age, the landscape of the Firestrom has become even more inhospitable due to the destruction of a powerful obelisk that dwelt among the peaks. When the obelisk, known by the races as Ertus, was destroyed, its hulking form fell from a high summit and carved a wide chasm deep into the underdark and beyond. This chasm has become a vertical realm on its own right and is host to several nefarious or mysterious settlements belonging to denizens of the Underdark. When the Obelisk’s life force was shunt from its shell, it also caused a rip in the fabric of the planes itself – resulting in a massive crossing zone into the plane of Elemental Chaos that envelopes most of the mountain range. The sky above the mountain is now a constant swirl of vibrant elemental matter – Storms of elemental earth, living storms, rains of fire, and lightening fields pocket many areas of the Firestrom, and explorers are urge to use extreme caution footing the trails of this realm.

The mountains get their name from the ancient Fire Giant kingdom of Andiron. It is known that this sprawling realm still exists in the darkened age, evident in the towering fires and columns of black smoke issuing from the citadels and spires of the Fire Giant domain – visible even from the far away realm of Windfall.

In the darkened age of Travelar, it is believed that the Fire Giants have secured their iron grip on the mountainous regiond and all paths leading through the mountain range from southern kingdoms are indelibly under their control. It is also known that a wonderous race of Avarice people inhabit the highest peaks and crags of the Firestrom. Very little is known about them or the fate of their kingdom in wake of the Darkened Age. It is also rumored that many of the Ancient Dragons of old Travelar have sought refuge in the Firestom Mountains – creating new lairs and dwellings in the remote reaches and heights of the mountains from which to watch the great hunt of Obelisks across all Travelar.

Firestrom Mountains

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