Within the crag of Tyrens Top and beneath the city of Tyren lies the subterranean home of the dwarves of Delvingdeep. For thousands of years, the dwarves of Delvingdeep have led a restless defense to protect their home from invasion both above and below. The Dwarves of Delvingdeep are world reknowned for their unique steel weapons and fine gems.

The peoples of the realm are a stern and vigorous folk – they have little time for small talk, petty matters not of their own, and are sometimes quick to anger when inconvenienced or slighted. Their tireless work ethic and diligence are second to none in Travelar, as their toils have wrought the finest weapons in all the land. Gems from Delvingdeep are known for their clarity and outright size. The dwarves of Delvingdeep venerate Moradin almost exclusively – resisting the urge to expand their cultural ties with the rest of the world.

Before the time of the city of Tyren, Delvingdeep was under constant threat from an ancient red dragon that dwelt within the summit of Tyrens Top. When the Paladin King of the last age slew the old wyrm on the mountain top, the thankful dwarves hollowed the largest cavern leading into their realm from above and created the Forgegate: A vertical gate of magically imbued mithril that runs the length of the entire cavern. A magically induced river of magma runs over the gate and spills into the cloister of forges far below when the gates are open. When the gates are closed in times of defense, the river of magma rises until it has completely submerged the cavern and sealed the kingdom from above.

Since the emergence of the city of Tyren, the dwarves have led a thousand year pact with the city to co-exist both in economic and defensive benefit of each other. Thanks to the thriving trade of Tyren, Delvingdeep Steel is highly sought after in the lands surrounding the Riverest.

In the times of the Darkened Age however, ties with the city of Tyren have been broken. The Clan Elders ordered the Forgegate shut, and the halls of Delvingdeep have been closed ever since. A minority of dwarves of Delvingdeep stayed in Tyren – unwilling to be shut in from the rest of the world – and continued their lucrative steel trade. While the paths from Tyren to the ancient halls are wrought with peril, there are rumors that several other paths exist to reach the Kingdom of Delvingdeep, although none have been mapped. The fate of the Kingdom is unknown, but another rumor told amid pints of ale is that the Clan found something far more sinister within their midst than the city of Tyren and that the ForgeGate’s Mithril portal may never open again…


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