The Empires of Travelar have Fallen. Dark Wilderness has reclaimed the World. Ruins of the Old Age Cast a Shadow over Civilized Lands and Harbor Dangerous Mysteries and Lore of a Lost Past

Travelar Campaign Index
  1. Chronicle of the Ages
    1. The Coming of the Darkened Age
    2. The Creation Age
    3. The Silver Age
  2. Extraordinary Locales
    1. Firestrom Mountains
    2. Spiritsong Forest
    3. Delvingdeep
    4. The Unbroken Run
    5. Deep Poole
    6. The Riverest
    7. Shimmerdeep
  3. Known Settlements and Lordships
    1. Tyren
    2. Hillsfar
    3. Belfry
    4. Firestrom Watch
  4. The Travelarian Populace
    1. Factions and Organizations
      1. Academy of Expeditions
      2. The Seekers
    2. Obelisks of Power
      1. Known Existing Obelisks
    3. Notable Travelarians
  5. Adventurers’ Chronicle
  6. The Seeker’s Redoubt

Travelar: The Darkened Age

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